play online

Play Online is the new popular game in io series! It plays similar to the other io games you know and enjoy, but this time the goal is to cover as much of the board as you can by making colored boxes. The war for more space has begun! conquer the most percentage of the paper, and become the winner of this game.

The game online is playable on PC, mobile and tablet, just visit in your browser and then enjoy the fun.

we have got some tips and tricks for you to become the ultimate winner. Want to know how to win Here is cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!
1. Play it safe! Gradually capture small areas of the board and don't overextend too much. Keep in mind, the longer you move out from your base the more insecure you become!
2. Take them out! On the other side, take your opponents out when you see a chance!
3. Play defensively! The simplest way to take an opponent out would be to wait for him to stupidly slither into your base, then go in for the kill.

You are welcome to play the game unblocked on, no matter you'are on PC, android mobile, iPhone, Ipad or any other tablet, just open your browser such as chrome or safari to play it. Enjoy!

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